Listed below are the rules for RD2L. Players are expected to follow them to allow us to achieve a fair and good league experience for everyone involved.

The format of RD2L is described in the format document

RD2L Rules

1. Communication and Conduct Rules

  1. All official admin communication will be done through the Discord server.
  2. Participants may not engage in:
    1. Hate speech ( attacks based on a person’s race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, etc).
    2. Cyber-bullying.
    3. Doxxing.
    4. If you see any of the aforementioned behaviours, you can report it to Community Moderators or Admins or by messaging RD2LBot on Discord.
  3. Conduct rules apply to both official games and Discord.
  4. Should a issue not covered by these rules arise, the solution will be handled at the admin’s discretion.

2. Season Rules

  1. The RD2L season is divided into the group stage and single elimination playoffs. The duration of the group stage and the format of the playoffs will be announced on Discord by the admin team at the start of the season.
  2. RD2L teams play one series every week. The series are bo2 in the group stage and bo3 in the playoffs.
  3. Standings are determined by the win-lose ratio of the teams. If multiple teams are tied in the standings going into playoffs, the tie is broken as follows:
  1. Head to Head - the record of tied teams against each other is compared; if there is a clear winner, they go through. The same applies if there’s a clear loser. If there is not a clear winner/loser,
  2. Strength of schedule - tied teams are assigned a score, which is calculated by summing up the total number of wins of each opponent played against during the season. Each opponent’s wins as well as the final score is adjusted for the amount of games the teams played in total. The higher score wins the tie.
  3. If there is still a tie, it is preferred that the tied teams play a BO1 tiebreaker to determine the winner before next week’s official series.
  1. Divisions are determined on a per-season basis, depending on the activity and number of sign-ups for a division.
  2. Depending on the number of sign-ups for a division, subdivisions may be created within the division.
  3. The number of teams per division will depend on the number of captains and players signed up, with a minimum of 6 teams.
  4. Each division will have its own admin. This admin will be the first point of contact for captains and players in the division. They will also be responsible for helping run the draft, calling forfeits, approving stand-ins, assigning free agents and checking results. In a case of uneven number of teams, the top ranked team, who previously did not have a bye, will get a bye (0-0 score) for the week.

3. Registration Rules

  1. Only individual sign-ups are accepted.
  2. All sign-ups get reviewed by a division admin and may be vouched or denied at the division admins’ discretion.
  3. Participants may sign up as players or captains. Division admins may impose requirements for participants signing up as captains, such as a rank floor requirement or requiring them to have played in previous RD2L seasons.
  4. Participants must sign up with their main account.
  1. This account may not be used by any other player.
  2. Participants must alert the admins if the rank on this account does not accurately reflect their skill level, in which case the admins may adjust this rank for league balancing purposes.
  3. Participants must alert the admins to any alternate accounts they own, especially if they actively use them. Failure to do so may lead to removal from the league.
  4. All RD2L games must be played on the Steam account the participant used to sign up. If the main account can not be accessed, an alternative account may be used. This has to be communicated towards both the admins and the opposing captain.
  1. Participants must have a minimum of 500 games played on the account they sign up with.
  1. Participants who have fulfilled this requirement across multiple accounts, but not on a single one, will be reviewed and accepted or denied at the discretion of the admins.
  1. Participants should not register if they expect to miss more than 3 weeks in the season (including playoffs).
  2. Participants have the option of registering as stand-ins or free agents, and may be assigned to teams missing players throughout the season
  3. Any participant breaking a rule will be punished at the discretion of the admins on a case by case basis.

4. Draft Rules

  1. The player pool of the draft is made up of a number of players equal to the number of captains times five (for CET-WED) or four (for CET-SUN). If the number of signed up players exceeds the required amount of captains, the pool of draftable players will be decided on a first come first serve basis.
  2. The players that do not make it into the draft pool are automatically added to the free agent list and may be assigned to a team if a player drops out.
  3. Captains take turns picking 1 player at a time from the available player pool.
  4. Each captain drafts 5 players for a total of 6 players in one team (for CET-WED) and 4 players for a total of 5 players on the team (for CET-SUN).
  5. The type of draft (e.g. auction, linear, etc) is determined by the division admins.
  6. Pick order and amount of money (in case of auction draft) will be based on the captains’ ranks.

5. Team Rules

  1. If a team loses a player, they have to ask for a free agent in accordance with the Free Agent Rules (Point 7).
  2. Every player on a team’s roster must play at least half the games and series, unless circumstances prevent this.
  1. If a team has 6 players (CET-WED) a captain can choose to swap players inbetween series or between games within a series, but must play all players frequently.
  1. Participants may play in multiple divisions, however at most in one sub-division per division.
  2. Captains are responsible for drafting the players and organising their RD2L team.
  1. Captains are the primary contact for their team, for communication with both the admin team and other team captains.
  2. The organization of the team may be delegated to a team member if the team member and captain wish to do so.
  1. Captains must ticket all games and series played.
  1. In case a game is not properly ticketed, the result of the game must be submitted with screenshots of the result to the division admin within 24 hours of the game.
  1. Players are expected to stay with their RD2L team until the season is over. Players that leave their teams before the season is over may be punished with at least a 2 season ban.
  2. Captains can ask admins to remove certain players with disruptive behaviour (e.g. griefing, inactivity). Admins make a decision based on both involved parties (the player and the captain).

6. Game Rules

  1. All series are to be played in Captains Mode lobbies on Luxemburg, hosted and ticketed by one of the captains.
  2. Teams will do a coin flip for side/pick choice in the first game of a series. The loser of the game 1 coin flip has side/pick choice in game 2. In case of a game 3, the teams will do another coin flip.
  3. The lobby must have a minimum of 2 minutes of spectator delay.
  4. The deadline for series is 20:45 CET for CET-WED and 19:45 CET for CET-SUN. It is suggested that players begin gathering in the lobby 15 minutes before start time in case a stand-in might be required.
  1. The standard start time for series changes in accordance with daylight saving time.
  1. Captains must enforce penalties if their opponents are late. The penalties can be enforced for both games and are as follows, and apply after the start time has passed:
  1. 10 minutes past start time - Level 1 draft penalty.
  2. 15 minutes past start time - Level 2 draft penalty.
  3. 20 minutes past start time - Level 3 draft penalty.
  4. 25 minutes past start time - Game 1 forfeit.
  5. 30 minutes past start time - Series forfeit.
  1. If 20 minutes have passed and neither team is ready to play, a double forfeit is issued.
  2. In order to claim a forfeit win or a penalty due to the other team not being ready, the captain must do the following:
  1. Take a screenshot of the ticketed lobby with the 5 players from the team’s official roster (or 4 players and an authorized stand-in) seated in the Radiant or Dire slots, ready to play, with the team name visible;
  2. Post the screenshot in the Captains channel on Discord, using mentions to notify a division admin and the opposing captain to state that you are claiming a forfeit win or enforcing a penalty;
  1. Each team is allowed up to 15 minutes of pause time per game, unless both teams agree to more.
  1. If a player does not reconnect, a team may continue playing without them. Controlling their hero is allowed.
  2. Pause time used to contact an admin in order to get a ruling does not count toward either total.
  3. Pauses in the hero selection phase are only allowed if one of the drafters disconnects. Strategic disconnects to gain more draft time will be punished.
  1. Teams have up to 15 minutes after a game to start the next game in the series.
  1. Teams can reschedule matches to an earlier day. Admin has to be notified and penalty rules (6.5) apply to the scheduled day and time.
  2. If the teams wish to delay a game to a later date, approval of the division admin is required.
  1. Caster all chat is strictly prohibited at all times.
  2. Malicious and fake GG calls will be punished.
  3. Players are allowed to stream their RD2L games, as long as the delay on the stream is equal or longer than the in-game spectator delay. Stream sniping is not allowed.
  4. The game may be remade if:
  1. There is a major issue affecting gameplay and both team captains agree to remake;
  2. A player selects a wrong hero, the team may have the game remade with the same hero picks for both teams. This remake must be requested earlier than 1 minute before the first bounty rune spawns.
  1. Scripts and macros are prohibited in official RD2L games. Players using scripts and macros in official games may be punished with a retroactive forfeit and a ban from the league.
  2. If a game breaking bug is found, the admins reserve the right to ban the abuse of the bug. Players discovering game breaking bugs must inform the admins. Abusing a game breaking bug may lead to a forfeit or a remake based on admin decision.
  3. All chat is allowed, unless either team requests no all chat.
  1. Tipping, Chat Wheel, and Hero Taunts are all allowed in official matches.
  2. All chat is always allowed for purpose of calling GG.
  3. All chat during games should be civil.
  4. Continued all chat for anything else than important game information (pauses, surrenders etc.) after a “no all chat” request by either team will result in a forfeit against the offending team for that game.

7. Stand-in Rules

  1. A team missing one of their players is eligible to use a stand-in for that player.
  1. The stand-in must currently have their MMR be equal or lower to the sign-up MMR of the player they are replacing. In case of recent badge resets the stand-in should be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  2. The stand-in must have played at least 1 season of RD2L or any tournaments held on the RD2L platform (such as RD2L mini).
  3. The opposing captain must be notified about the stand-in. To do so, ping the opposing captain in the #wed-captains or #sun-captains Discord channels with the names and dotabuff links of both the missing player and the standin.
  4. The opposing captain must approve of the stand-in before they can be used in the game. If the opposing captain feels that the proposed stand-in is unfair, the captain may contact the division admins by pinging them in the #wed-captains or #sun-captains Discord channels. In this case, the admins have the final say on whether the stand-in is allowed or not.
  5. If no other player is available, a stand-in with a higher MMR can be used if the other captain agrees.
  1. Teams may only use 1 stand-in per game for CET-WED and 2 stand-ins per game for CET-SUN.
  1. The use of a stand-in caused by not yet having received a free agent will not count toward the above total.
  2. In CET-WED each team may, once per season, use two stand-ins.
  1. The use of an unauthorized stand-in may be punished by a retroactive forfeit for the offending team.

8. Free Agent Rules

  1. If a captain wishes to replace an inactive or disruptive player, they may ask for a free agent using the Free Agent Request Form.
  1. Captains must be able to prove that the player being replaced is inactive or disruptive.
  1. If a captain has submitted a request for a free agent, an admin looks through the available candidates and presents the council with a selection of eligible free agents (within +200 and -1000 mmr of the missing player). The council votes on which of the proposed free agents are allowed to be submitted to the captains. The remaining free agents candidates are proposed to the captain. After the captain picks his player, all other captains see the assignment and can give their input if the new FA is fair or not. If the other captains have no objections to the assignment, the free agent is finalized.
  1. Keep in mind that other captains may also be offered the same free agents and the free agents may be picked before you make a decision.